Day 128: The key to success? Grit.

When Angela Lee Duckworth wondered why her cleverest students weren’t necessarily the best academic performers, she decided to study the psychology of performance. Surprisingly, she found that the true determinant of long term success was the little known, grit.
Grit is the passion and perseverance to work towards long term goals. When she studied Chicago schoolchildren, Duckworh found that when variables such as socioeconomic factories were matched, the grittiest kids were most likely to graduate.
So how do we build grit? The best idea Duckworth has heard so far has come from Stanford and is called ‘growth mindset.’ Because our brains do not have a fixed ability to learn, the premise is that if kids learn about the brain, they’re more likely to persevere when they fail as they don’t believe failure is a permanent condition. This is a good start, but Duckworth feels more is needed. In other words, we need to be grittier about installing grit in our children.