We live in a world filled with information, where the constant publication of journals and online content renders most textbooks dated before they hit the library shelves. This has brought with it a growing trend in the popularity of talks and spoken word events. The recent popularity of seminars and spoken word events which have brought speakers from Germaine Greer to Elizabeth Gilbert to the Sydney Opera House show that we are keen to learn more than ever.   
With such a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips it can be dificult to take much of it in,which is why in 2013 I’ve set myself a challenge. Every day, I aim to watch a TED talk and blog about this. As the website now boasts over 900 talks from experts across a variety of fields, I’m sure I’ll be inspired. Please feel free to suggest any which you’ve enjoyed!  
“Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt.


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