August Top 5

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Day 221: A Full Band Beatbox

We’ve seen Tom Thum at the Sydney TED this year; now here’s a band full of beat boxers. The R+B group, ‘Naturally 7’ beatbox the sounds of an orchestra to perform their single, ‘Fly Baby.’ Much like any ‘regular’ group, each member is in charge of a certain instrument- bass, percussion, harmonica. Unlike a standard group however, the only instrument sounds come from their mouths.

Day 220: The year 2200

By the end of this century, the worlds population is expected to top out at just less than ten billion, before entering a phase of decline. What then?
According to Pete Alcorn, this will have two beneficial economic effects. Firstly, investing in property becomes a bad bet, as much of the cost is currently wrapped up in its speculative value. Secondly, scarcity of labour drives wages. Both of these lift pressure off the poorer groups in society.
Much of our culture are obsessed with looking back in history. We often feel we’re in a downhill slide from the good old days. Research shows, however, that those who think they’re in for a good future make better decisions. When the population declined in Europe after the Black Plague, the middle class was born and the Renaissance took place. Examining the population data over the next couple of hundred years means we may romanticise the future. Hopefully then, our great great grandchildren will start building the 22nd century enlightenment