Day 206: Meet the water canary

Following on from Damien Palin’s talk on desalination of seawater, here’s another novel idea for making water safe to drink. 

Following a disaster, current tests to check if water is safe to drink are time consuming and expensive. Meet the water canary.

To test a sample of water, you insert a few drops into the device and wait to see if the light turns red (contaminated) or green (safe). Added to this, the team are integrating wireless networking into affordable devices with GPS and GSM. Each reading will be automatically transferred to servers to be mapped in real time, making it possible to take preventative action against diseases such as cholera. 

This talk by Sonaar Luthra is from 2011. Water canary is now in the field, and they claim to be focusing on the world’s most effective solution to the clean water problem. Time will tell, once the project is rolled out further.


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