Day 192: A 3D printed jumbo jet?

Yes, 3D printing has gone crazy..
But who can predict the future, Bastian Schaefer asks us? Today’s planes look different from the initial predicted models over a century ago. Perhaps tomorrows will be vastly different again.
Schaefer works in a team with Airbus, who have a vision for a more sustainable future of aviation. They’ve created the bony structure of a printed plane. People nowadays have different needs in an aeroplane. Materials will be different, structure will change. Using the traditional design of milling, a particular part weighs 1.2 kg; using 3D printing, it weighs .6kg. These are just some of the changes that can take place, having a direct effect on greenhouse gas emissions.
The components, which draw on lessons from how nature rebuilds, certainly look different to the traditional models shown. But to build some thing great, first we need to imagine it.


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