Day 187: Will our kids be a different species?

When we look at the history of creation so far, we don’t appear until about 99.96% of the way in. According to Juan Enriquez, this begs two questions; are we are the be-all-and-end-all, and could we upgrade.
Great changes have taken place already. There have been at least 200 upgrades of humanoids. We coexisted with at least eight other humanoids species. The difference between species humans and Neanderthals – .004%. Scientists have recently altered the memories of mice. It’s not completely inconceivable that someday we will be able to download our memories into a new body.
As further evidence of this rapid change, Enriquez points to the increased autism incidence over the past decade. Potentially the human brain is reacting in a hyper plastic way. We’re currently in a state where we try to take as much data in a day as people used to take in a lifetime.
There are further possible predisposing factors to our change in status. One is our fast food fetish; there’s some evidence that obesity and diet have an effect on brain development. There’s also the renewed sexiness of the geek. Because these geeks all get together, they concentrate geographically and find like- minded mates to reinforce their genes. But is this all too much information? There’s a variation in how people react to this overload also.
Enriquez’ closing message is simple. We are becoming a species that can change our own evolution by altering the plants, biology and other factors around us. this transition is so quick that our grand-kids and great- grand kids may be a very different species.


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