Day 186: Roberto D’ Angelo & Francesca Fedell- our baby’s illness, a life lesson

In this beautiful short talk, Roberto D’ Angelo and Francesca Fedell speak about their disabled child and the important lesson they learned when looking after him.
Any parent will tell you that when a child develops a disability, its life changing. Suddenly they need to accommodate a number of extra people in their lives; physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, doctors. It’s easy for their thinking to become centred on what’s wrong with their child and ways to fix these failures. D’Angelo and Fedell realised this was happening to them when they saw their son looking at them instead of at the fancy technological toy they’d bought to help his development. He was aware of their disappointment.
Realising that they had to become better mirrors for Mario, they started to examine his strengths and look at him as an opportunity to improve themselves. They decided they could offer their patience to Mario. They brought him travelling to show him the best things they could. At the end of this talk he appears on stage in front of the TED crowd.
And their parting message?
‘ Consider what you have as a gift and what you miss as an opportunity. ‘


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