Day 180: Cloudy with a chance of joy

Here’s one for the creatives amongst us. Don’t go away to find inspiration- just look up to the clouds. So says the founder of the cloud appreciation society, Gavin Pretor- Pinney.
If you think back to metaphors we use for clouds, there are negative connotations to them. ‘Under a cloud’ means depression, for example. Many people don’t notice clouds unless they get in the way of the sun. But we often harbour a nostalgic fondness for clouds, remembering times as children when we could look up towards the clouds in the sky and find shapes.
Pretor- Pinney reminds us that we still do this, recommending it may save money on psychoanalysis. Perhaps you’re in love and you look up to see a heart, or kissing couples. Clouds are amongst the most dynamic, evocative aspects of nature. The UFO shaped lenticularis cloud forms over the peak of mountains, making up some of the earlier black and white UFO photographs. If you look up and pay attention to the clouds, sooner or later you’ll see the unusual ones.
And in today’s world, where we spend so much time on Facebook and twitter and thinking about what we should do, cloud spotting offers a legitimate excuse to do nothing!


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