Day 179: Medicine- there’s an app for that.

In this fast paced TED talk Daniel Kraft outlines how new developments in technology look set to revolutionise medicine.
Currently we spend most money on health in the last 20% of life. Kraft suggests a need to move this curve to the left, spending more money on healthcare positions and leveraging technology. Future Med is a program aiming to cross- train and develop new technologies for medicine. Every summer in Silicon Valley, a group of 100 talented students meet to look at exponential technologies from the likes of medicine, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology and space.
Mobile phones now have more than 200,000 apps available. There’s an app in the U.K. where the user pees on a stick attached to their phone to check them for STDs. There’s an app which records blood glucose measurements and sends them to the patient’s clinician. Radiologists can read x-rays on an iPad. By layering scans on top of each other, it’s possible that people will be able to avoid invasive tests such as the colonoscopy in future, through use of a ‘virtual’ colonoscopy.
So what does this mean? It changes the ability to interact with your healthcare provider, for one. It also means health professionals can work together more easily and cross reference data, as medical information can be accessed from anywhere. People can have more insight into their own health and wellness. Tests should become cheaper, allowing more accessibility for all. It’s worthwhile to listen to the talk to hear Kraft list numerous more developments and benefits. All of these can only be positive.


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