Day 178: Derek Sivers- Keep your goals to yourself

At the beginning of this talk, Derek Sivers asks the audience to imagine articulating their goals out loud. Maybe they would be congratulated, or others would be in awe at the strength of their dreams. According to Sivers, they should keep their mouths shut.
Repeated psychology tests have proven that every time you tell somebody your goal, its less likely to happen.
This goes against conventional wisdom that we should tell people our goals so they can support us.
In a 1989 test half of the 160 participants announced their goals to the room and half didn’t. People were given 45 minutes to work on something leading to their goals but told they could quit when they wished. Those who had revealed their goals worked for an average of 33 minutes, while those who hadn’t worked for the full 45 minutes.
Delaying gratification of social acknowledgment may be one way to combat this effect, but another may be to simply change the phrasing of goals. A simple, ‘I’m doing this marathon and really need to train, so please punish me if I don’t,’ may be enough to motivate.


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