Day 174: Reach into the computer and grab a pixel

Designer, Jinha Lee, wants to remove the boundaries between us and technology. In this talk, he describes how he has been working on tools to enable this to happen.
The first of these penetrates into the digital space of a computer, so that when the user presses it hard on the screen, it transfers its physical body into pixels. Designers can materialise their ideas directly into 3D and surgeons can practice on virtual organs underneath the screen.
But both hands still remained outside the screen. So, working with his mentor Cati Boulanger at Microsoft Applied Sciences, Lee designed a space above the keyboard with 3D sensors, meaning the user can grab pixels wi their bare hands. Windows and files are as easy to grab as if they were book on a shelf.
Lee has also reversed the idea so that information can reach us, for example, in using a system to map the geometry of the user’s body so they no longer have to return clothes items bought online. They have also created a physical ‘pixel’ which can actually be touched and moved by the human or computer within the 3D space. This could be used in teaching, for example teachings about the planetary system, making the learning experience more interactive. The possibilities for these developments are endless. In the words of Lee, ‘ the only barrier is our imagination.’


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