Day 173: Al Vernacchio- sex needs a new metaphor

In this TED talk, Al Vernacchio makes an important point about how the types of metaphors used to describe sexual activities can influence the attitude of children,and ultimately adults, towards sex.
Even in countries where baseball isn’t played, we are familiar with statements such as ‘first, second and third base’ and ‘ playing for the other team.’ Vernacchio argues that by reducing sex to comparisons with a game, we perpetrate the ideas that sex is goal orientated and that men and women have vastly different emotional roles on the team. Here, he argues for the use of metaphors to do with pizza.
The underlying message is more useful than the actual metaphors. Pizza is generally shared and desire for it comes from an internal emotion. Also, no matter how long one has been having pizza with their friend, partner or somebody else, they’ll probably still have a conversation about the toppings it has.
Vernacchio lectures in human sexuality in his twelfth grade ‘Society and Sexuality’ class, which has brought him to the attention of The New York Times magazine. In his words, “Sexuality is a force for good in the universe and the best thing about being human.”


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