Day 154: Julian Assange: Why the world needs Wikileaks

In this 2010 conversation with TED’s Chris Anderson, Julian Assange learns that the TED audience are sympathetic to his cause.
Amongst the footage which Wikileaks obtained was the Baghdad air strike video, shown in this talk.11 people died in the attack, including 2 Reuters employees. U.S army personnel are heard laughing at the shootings in the videos. According to Assange, none of this is news to the people of Afghanistan or Iraq.
When querying what he and his team published on Wikileaks, Assange questioned what type of information could achieve reform. Documents leaked by Bradley Manning, currently on trial in the U.S., change the perception of people who pay for war.
Assange talked about some of the ways in which Wikileaks operated. They rarely knew their sources names. When needing to verify a piece of information, they often found that the writer would inadvertently give away their identity by acting guilty. He also spoke of the difficulty with hiring trustworthy journalists to deal with sensitive information.
Assange currently stays in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He has been declared an ally of Bradley Manning in his trial and Bob Carr has said it’s not in Australian interests to help him. Where his case will end is unclear, but with high profile people such as Yoko Ono donating to his cause, it’s clear they share the views of this 2010 TED audience.


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