Day 153: A historic moment in the Arab world

Former director general of Al Jazeera, Wadah Khanfar has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a reporter. He witnessed the destruction caused, followed by the regime change afterwards. He doubted he would live to see real change without invasion or misery.
Now, a new educated generation inspired by universal values and understanding has created a different reality. A revolution was born firstly in Tunisia led by idealistic youth who used social media and protesting to fight against and overthrow a corrupt regime. Al Jazeera hadn’t been allowed into Tunisia for years yet these young people became their reporters.
Next came Egypt. Underground reporters for Al Jazeera broadcast footage from Tahrir square. An unnamed protestor called Khanfar one night and implored him not to switch off the cameras, as their footage was preventing a genocide.
Social media and improved network coverage of world events mean the public cannot be deceived anymore. The West must stop thinking of the Arab world based on oil interests or the illusion of stability and security. People should be allowed to choose their own rulers. The future has arrived, and the future is now.


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