Day 151: Nature, beauty, gratitude

Louie Schwtarzberg has been shooting time lapses of flowers, twenty four hours a day for over thirty years, yet he still never tires of their dance. He asks us to remember how lucky we are, when 80% of the information we receive comes from our eyes. To affirm this himself, he has worked on a project called ‘Happiness Revealed.’ In this talk, he shows a video of his work accompanied by the words of a Benedictine monk, Brother David Steindl Rast.
A cinematographer and photographer, Schwartzberg’s work reminds us of the delicate nature of our world, the stories hidden in peoples’ faces and the importance of looking at the sky. It’s true that this isn’t just another day in our lives; it’s the one day that has been given to us today. The only appropriate response is gratitude.


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