Day 149: Lisa Bu on How Books can Open Your Mind

When she was a young girl, Lisa Bu wanted to become an opera singer. Her parents, survivors of the Cultural Revolution, wanted her to be an engineer. Over this short talk she shows how books helped her to come to the realisation that dreams aren’t only for coming true. They also serve to allow us to imagine and push ourselves towards an outcome.
Bu shows us covers of her favourite books. There’s ‘Jane Eyre’, from which she found her role model of an independent woman. There are the books she read in the U.S. which had been banned in China. There’s even the bible, where the commandment of, ‘Honour thy Parents’ taught her to get over her Confucian guilt about disobeying them.
She has compared books with the same story across different genres, languages and cultures. Comparing and contrasting allows scholars to understand a subject better; why should we not do it in real life also? Books have allowed Bu to connect with people of the past and present and most importantly, to never be lonely or unhappy.


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