Day 146: Stefan Sagmeister shares happy designs

15 years before this talk, the superstitious Stefan Sagmeister went to visit a friend in Hong Kong. As they were landing, he thought,’If I see something good, ill have a good time.’ The first thing he saw was a billboard with the word, ‘Winner,’ on it. He got a jb and within a month had returned to Hong Kong to work.
When Sagmeister looks at lists of things that have made him happy, he finds more than half of them come from design. Sagmeister reports being unhappy with the MORI museums inaugural exhibition, which was called ‘Happiness.’. According to Sagmeister, most pieces were about visualisation of happiness rather than happiness itself.
Sagmeister decided to try and do what he liked in design. He made another list, this time of things he thought he’d learnt in life. When he had work to do, he used quotations from this, such as, ‘Having guts always works out for me,’ in clever ways in photographs for jobs like designing magazine dividers. The talk is worth watching for examples of these alone.


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