Day 144: Inside a school for suicide bombers.

The Taliban say they will always have sacrificial lambs. Faced with a choice between the paradise afterlife promised to boys and the poverty they’ve grown up with, documentary filmmaker Sharmee Obaid Chinoy asks  what you would choose. 

in this talk, Chinoy shows us a Taliban propaganda video. In 2009 there were 500 bomb blasts in Pakistan. According to Chinoy, the Taliban have perfected their training of suicide bombers to a five step program, which runs like this. 

The Taliban target large, extremely poor families and separate the children from their parents with the promise of shelter. They teach the Koran in Arabic, distorting the message for their own purposes and create a complete blackout from all other information. They teach children to hate the world they live in by beating them and barely feeding them. The older Taliban members then teach the boys about the glories of martyrdom, including the 72 virgins and unlimited food that will be waiting for them in paradise. Finally, they show videos of men, women and children dying in places like Iraq and Afghanistan, with the message that the West don’t care about civilian deaths. 

Chinoy’s film, ‘Children of the Taliban,’ also has images of children who blew themselves up. It’s powerful material from a brave filmmaker with an important message to share. 




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