Day 116: Time saving tech tips

David Pogue is the personal technology columnist for the New York Times and correspondent for CBS news. He also is a leading how- to author, with titles in the For Dummies series and a line of, ‘Missing Manual’ books. Here are his time saving tips which surprisingly, not everybody knows.

On a web page, rather than using the mouse, hit the space bar to scroll down, shift key to go back up again

When filling out an address, use the tab key to go between boxes.
You can also type the first letter of your state repeatedly when there’s a drop down menu.

To make text on a webpage bigger, press ++ while holding control key.

On a smartphone, press the space bar twice to end a sentence with a full stop.

On all phones if u want to redial somebody hit the call button and the number appears on screen.

Mobile phone carriers also have a key which will allow you to skip the voicemail instructions. This is usually a * or #.

Don’t click on a search result in google for a dictionary, flight or unit conversion. Type the word, flight number or units into the search box and the answer comes up at the start.

Double click a word to highlight it. Instead of deleting, just type over it.

On any camera, to eliminate shutter lag completely- half press the shutter button to pre focus.

If you’re giving a presentation and the audience are paying more attention to your slides, pressing the b key will blackout the slide, while W causes a whiteout.


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