Day 114: More masterpieces by Poet Rives

After yesterday’s beautiful conspiracy theory about the 4am mystery, a TED talk search revealed Poet Rives has entertained TED crowds in bite size blocks on three other occasions. Here they are.
In, ‘Reinventing the Encyclopedia Game,’ Rives reacts to the discontinuation of the printed Encyclopeia Britannica line by trying to reinvent a childhood game using an Internet Encyclopedia, Wikipedia. The rule of the game is to read an article until you find something you don’t already know and preferably something your Dad also doesn’t. Over the course of 6 minutes, Rives recounts how he started on Earth, which led to him looking up the tropics, rainforests, beetles, aphrodisiacs, cave paintings, Yuri Gagarin and more en route back to his return to the ‘earth’ page.
In, ‘A story of mixed emotions,’ Rives tells a typographical fairytale using slides which feature commonly used icons from 🙂 to <3.
Finally, Rives manages to cram EBay, Amazon and Friendster into one three minute long poem that is, 'If I controlled the Internet.' Examples of his control fantasies include Map questing your lover's mood swings and emailing dead people. Maybe google will hire him one day to zip through servers and firewalls and take charge.


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