Day 113: Rives on 4 a.m.

What is it that makes 4 in the morning shorthand for the worst time to be awake? It’s a time when accidents happen, Bill Clinton’s inauguration speech came together and musicians such as Leonard Cohen and Paul Simon had their hearts broken in some manner. Homer Simpson has imagined 4 am on Jesus’ birthday as the most remote moment in the calendar. A google search of ‘four in the morning’ yields two songs and a 1965 film featuring Judi Dench on the first page.
According to Poet Rives, 4 in the morning became a mystical time when Alberto Giacometti created the first known surrealist sculpture, ‘Palace at four in the morning.’ The year was 1932 and Rives spins a story using music, imagery and some interesting facts to link Giacometti to the Nobel Prize, Judi Dench and Frank Sinatra, amongst others.
TED calls this, ‘lyrical origami.’ Rives storytelling needs more than a flat page; this talk is intelligent, funny and at times far fetched, but well worth watching.


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