Day 104: Dance versus PowerPoint

In this beautifully choreographed talk, John Bohannon uses dancers to demonstrate the properties of superfluid and asks the scientific world to consider doing the same.
Bohannon started ‘Dance your PHd’ four years before this talk in an attempt to encourage others to present their PHd findings through dance. He’s not alone; many researchers are using dancers to demonstrate their methodology and findings. Some scientists are now working directly with dancers on their research. At the University of Minnesota, a biomechanical engineer named David Odde uses them to study how cells move, brainstorming by studying their movements before he makes his mathematical models.
When you consider Bohannon’s proposal that bad PowerPoint presentations are a serious threat to the global economy and that estimates put money lost at 250 million dollars daily, using dancers to communicate with the audience doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. Even with a PHd in molecular biology, Bohannon himself struggles to understand most scientific presentations. A conservative estimate is that at least a quarter of PowerPoint presentations daily are a waste of time.
Governments constantly speak about cutting public funding to the arts. This idea presents a novel form of re-employment for dancers. How about we use them instead of PowerPoint, then when the need for both have diminished, we may finally have reached an age where people can sit in an audience and appreciate this unique form of movement and art.


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