Day 99: A mini robot- powered by your phone.

The ideal modern day robot needs to be cute and child friendly, right?
In this talk, Keller Rinaudo demos Romo, a smartphone powered mini- robot that can pass you a cup of coffee, smile at you and even give you a robot’s eye view of the world. Romo is WiFi enabled and uses the brain of an iPhone, all for about $150, or 1% of the previous cost of a smartphone.
Romo can wake up in creature mode and give a smile or yawn to his owner. He’s mounted on wheels and can be driven instinctively. He can be connected to any IOS device using a free app and used to convey the owner’s emotions to the world. He can stream two way audio and video between any two smart devices.
So what’s the point? Rinaudo gives the example of the eight year old girl whose grandmother can play hide and seek with her from the other side of the country by logging into the robot. He can allow you to remotely check on something at home- a pet for example? He can be set up using custom settings, while the app is constantly updated. Most of all, he’s fun!


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