Day 90- A.J. Jacobs- How healthy living nearly killed me

How much health advice is too much? As a social experiment, writer A.J. Jacobs decided to spend a year following the advice of experts, from dermatologists to the Danish Safety Council. He outlines his results in this talk.
Jacobs spent a year walking around like a glazed doughnut, reapplying a shot glass of sunscreen every two hours. He walked 1000 miles on a treadmill while writing his book. Following the advice of his immunologist, he constantly wiped down the bacteria coated surfaces of phones and television remotes. And since a healthy lifestyle is also a safe lifestyle, Jacobs followed the Danish recommendations that pedestrians wear helmets.
Obvious benefits of the experiment were that Jacobs lost weight and felt healthier. However, the time he spent engaged in wholesome activities ate into quality time with friends and family, an important contributor to well being.
After his year, Jacobs has embraced 2 major changes. He lives a quieter life, trying to avoid exposure to the cacophony of sound. He also eats more nuts and seeds. The various ways in which he came to these spelling choices are documented in his book, but his conclusions are testament to the fact that we should live a balanced and healthy lifestyle and small changes can contribute to this.


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