Day 87- How Richard Turere conquered the lions

13 year old Richard Tarere grew up in a Masai farming community in Kenya. Situated South of Nairobi National Park, one of the main threats to their existence was the ability of lions to roam freely from the park and kill cattle.
Tarere took it upon himself to guard the cattle. He noticed when he was around, the lions didn’t attack the herd. When a scarecrow in his place failed to protect them, Tarere decided the lions must be afraid of his moving torchlight.
Tarere took apart his Mum’s new radio in the hope of finding a solution. He made an indicator which caused lights to flick on and off. This indicator was supplied by a battery which was operated by a solar panel. The whole system emits a series of flashing white lights outside the cattle sheds.
Tarere set up a further 7 boomers around his community, with great success. He received a scholarship to school and less than a year later, spoke at this TED conference where he fulfilled his dream of traveling on a plane. His dreams have grown now; he wants to inspire others through his actions and eventually become a pilot.


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