Day 79: Underwater Astonishments

Werner Herzog said, ‘What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.’
It takes 2.5 hours of travel to the deepest depths of the explored ocean in David Gallo’s talk; and there is a lot of blackness there.
This visually stunning, short presentation by Gallo contains video footage from some of the most amazing and adaptable underwater creatures. There are the bioluminescent creatures which can only be filmed using new technology; the squid fight in which the aggressive white discolouration of the aggressive male is never revealed in the presence of a female; the octopus which matches colour, pattern and texture of the algae around it to camouflage itself.
Film director James Cameron credits the underwater world with inspiring many of his characters and settings for Avatar. The beautiful video photography in this talk will appeal to anyone keen to discover this world.


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