Day 77: Everyday moments, caught in time.

Looney tunes, Warner Brothers and Merrie Melodies seem like unlikely sources of inspiration for a two time U.S. poet laureate. But Billy Collins describes them as more influential to him than Emily Dickinson or Wordsworth. This is one of the reasons why he stopped to consider the possibilities when approached by an ad company who wanted to animate several of his poems.

The results of their projects are in this talk. Five are shown, illustrating the poems, ‘Budapest,’ , Some Days,’ ‘Forgetfulness,’ ‘The Country,’ and ‘The Dead.’ The ease with which Collins’ simple and poignant poems are made accessible through simple animated sequences is awesome. And don’t miss his hilarious extra poem at the end of the talk.

Collins admits that animation and poetry make an unusual combination. He also believes however, in taking poetry off the pages and placing it into everyday life. The presence of a poem on a cereal box, a billboard or a Delta airways channel can mean the general public don’t have time to deploy their high-school ‘anti-poetry’ mentality.


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