Day 71: Gorgeous pictures of a backyard worth saving

Wade Davis has a pretty substantial backyard to save. The ‘Sacred Headwaters’ of the Tahltan people in British Colombia is one of the world’s largest wilderness areas. Its isolation now threatens to become its biggest downfall.
The Sacred Headquarters is truly a spiritual place. It is the source of the three great salmon rivers; the Skeena, Stikine and the Nass. Only one road crosses it, snaking through a vast area of wilderness. There are wild antelopes, gaping gorges and grizzly bear tracks. The video must be watched to fully appreciate the stunning photography which Davis displays.
The major challenge for the Tahltan people is the fight against coalbed methane extraction. There are 41 major industrial proposals in the Tahltan territory, including Shell’s plans for fracking.
To date this assault has been prevented, largely through the work of Davis and the Tahltan people. For them, it is more than just a place of beautiful scenery. The Sacred Headwaters is their kitchen, their pantry and their home.


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