Day 44; Talk Nerdy to Me.

Albert Einstein once said, “Make everything as simple as possible and no simpler.”  
Five years ago Melissa Marshall was asked to teach communication to a group of engineering students. Her initial apprehension soon turned to excitement as she engaged in vivid conversations with her students about ideas and discoveries. In her own words, she felt like Alice in Wonderland, having just accessed a new world. After all, developments in areas such as healthcare, sustainability, energy are of common interest; most people just need to understand them.  
As a result of her efforts, Marshall came up with an equation to assist the scientific community in conveying information to the general public.  
“Take your science, subtract your bullet points and your jargon, divide by relevance and multiply it by the passion you have for your incredible work.”  
The scientist who solves this, Marshall says, can talk nerdy to her anytime.


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