Day 42: What adults can learn from kids

Adora Svitak was twelve when she gave this talk at TED. She was already a prolific blogger and a published writer. She also has given talks in hundreds of schools across America. Even reading her biography, it’s obvious we could learn something from her.
Yet Svitak says that we don’t listen to kids. Acting irresponsibly or playfully, one is described as childish. Constrained by the burdens of experience and fear, adults refuse to allow themselves the chance to dream of something better. In the Museum of Glass in Washington, the resident artist said some of their best ideas came from kids; they were free from the fear of their drawings being impossible to recreate in glass. Children such as Anne Frank and Ruby Bridges inspired and moved the world.
Svitak was lucky to have been supported in her writing endeavours as a child. She makes the point that children will stick to low expectations provided if not challenged. Yet it’s the nature of the world that each era develops further than the previous. In order to allow this development, its important for adults to strive to allow their kids to become better adults than they were. Give kids the chance to have their ideas heard, to lead and to succeed and we will produce a better world in the future.
The world’s problems needn’t be the human family’s heirloom.


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