Day 39: One Second Every Day

“Forever is composed of nows” Emily Dickinson

Life is composed of a series of moments, yet over time our memories blur so we can’t remember what happened yesterday, a week ago, a month ago. Director and producer Cesar Kuriyama decided to take action against this, by recording a second from every day. At the time of this TED talk, he was a year into the project and planned to continue it for the rest of his life, a feat which would leave him with 5 hours of footage if he continued until he was eighty. Kuriyama doesn’t use filters and doesn’t include himself in the videos. He learned some days it’s really easy to choose lots of videos; on the bad days, it’s also important to film the upsetting things, while on the boring days, it’s important to do something interesting.

Kuriyama challenges everybody to do the same… going into my 30th year, I accept!


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