Day 20: Ellen Gustafson- Obesity and Hunger= 1 global food issue

Do you think America is full of obese people sucking on gallon cups of Coca Cola? Would it surprise you to know that 49 million people there are hungry? Ellen Gustafson tells us there’s a definite link between the two. That connection is in poor food production methods.  
She deals firstly with agriculture. In America, 75% of food consumed is processed or fast food. This comes from the main products of their agricultural system; corn, soy and wheat. Small farm holders have been forced out by formation of mass consolidated farms and in the interim nobody has passed on suitable farming practices to those in Africa. As a result, African agriculture has fallen as hunger has risen. Amongst the most hungry people in the world are subsistence farmers.  
Gustafson, along with Jamie Oliver and Michael Pollan, assert it takes thirty years to change the habits of eating. In this talk she launches the 30 project, a drive to change the way food is produced and the produce we eat.
Gustafson has worked as a U.N. spokesperson and is the co-founder of FEED, a charitable project which sells products to combat world hunger. She is passionate about her cause, speaking quickly and animatedly. Her talk is only 11 minutes long yet the transcript is almost three pages. However there are gaps in her plans and the manner in which she arrives at her conclusions. My verdict; watch Michael Pollan.


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