Bite Size music, inspiration, creativity, emotion and satire.

Waiting for the kettle to boil, or that bus to come? TED lists five talks in its category, ‘TED in Three’, which you could listen to in that time. Here’s a short snippet of each, in my personal order of preference.

Teach yourself: Erik Hersman on reporting crisis via texting
Hersman describes his project, the google-map mashup ‘Ushahidi’, which allowed people in the post election riots of Kenya 2008 to report and track violence using mobile phones.
3 words: smartphone, development, Africa

Humour yourself: David Pogue on the Music Wars
A TED-ley on i-tunes and the downloading wars , played by New York Times columnist David Pogue to the tunes of ‘Piano Man’ , ‘I got you babe’ and YMCA.
3 words: satire, medley, i-tunes.

Entertain yourself: Bruno Bowden folds while Rufus Cappadocia plays
After Robert Lang’s TED talk in 2008, Bruno Bowden takes the challenge of folding one of his complex origami pieces, blindfolded, in less than 2 minutes while Rufus improvises on the cello.
3 words: visual, origami, talented.

Move yourself: Jok Church: A circle of caring
Cartoonist Jok Church tells the story of his school-days as a gay boy in Ohio and how he later saves the teacher who rescued him.
3 words: epiphany, love, life.

Inspire yourself: Raul Midon plays, ‘Peace on Earth’
TED, you lie! 9 minutes of Raul Midon playing songs about world peace.
3 words: peace, freedom, music.


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